Sunday, June 24, 2007

Remix Project: Week 4 Winners and Week 5 entries

It's about that time for another week's winners for the remix project. Congrats to the PeopleLikeMyself Remix with 27 votes and the Music Mo 3 Mix with 22 votes. We had a total of 93 votes. I thank all of you who took the time to vote. It is always appreciated.

For Week 5 I posted the "Dirt Off Your Shoulders" acapella thinking I would be a lot of entries. It is a hot Timbo track so I thought all of you creative cats would be all over it. I only got a couple of people telling me it was going to be a hard to work with but none the less I still thought my mailbox would be full. Unfortunately, I only recieved 4 entries for week 5 but let me thank each of you for submitting your respective entry. Yes there will still be a vote and as always the top 2 move forward.

However, if this next week we don't receive more entires I'll just go ahead and end the remix project early. There's no point in forcing interest if it's just not there as this is meant to be a fun project. I know doing a remix every week can be a lot of work so I apprecaite all of you taking the time to do them. Ok so here are week 5's entries, make sure to cast your vote:

Mixtape Project Week 5 Entries


  1. handz down the smiff remix!!!!!!! fire..crazy u got kurt kobane vote!

  2. ayo boogie who ur vote go to?

  3. boogie perhaps we should do it every two weeks?


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