Sunday, June 10, 2007

Remix Project: Week 2 Winners and Week 3 entries

Ok everyone we have come to yet another week finished and the winners for Week 2 with Tweet's "Call Me" sample are the Music Mo Mix with 74 votes and Essence Guardian's Remix with 22 votes. Great job guys! My vote went to Essence Guardian this week as I really like how he flipped the sample and as always loved all the interesting sounds. We had a total of 127 votes, down from Week 1 but still I appreciate everyone's vote.

So like I said before I will no longer be using samples rather I'll be just using accapellas from Tim tracks. Week 3 was "Laff At Em" and I have to say listening to the remixes so far, it's going to be a tough vote. Lots of great stuff from all the entries. Check out this week's entries and don't forget to vote!

Mixtape Project Week 3 Entries


  1. I think ya'll misses the best Remix of it!

    imbaland Ft. Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z - Give It To Me (CN REMIX)


  2. Hmmmmmm.....what can i say, there were some decent remixes, but i think the first week was better, would have like to see a dance remix in there too somewhere, but all up it was ok, my vote went to essence guardian

  3. you guys missed out my friend remix completely of the 1st week

    link =

    check it

  4. ... Can't say I think much of these remixes. The only one I really liked, which actually struck me as "different" to the rest, was Essence Guardian's. Ergo, he gets my vote.

    At best, a few were interesting, but overall I really wasn't impressed.

  5. i can't listen to any of the
    songs,it takes me to a dead link...

  6. My remix was similiar to what was already produced, so to be honest i think that's why i'm hardly getting any votes. Essence Guardian, You know you've won!

    ...As for Gossip Folks, I'm bringing the drums and the BOUNCE!

  7. check out my remix

  8. Honstly I think we need more feedback with our mixes. Personaly I really dont care about the votes, I dont feel like im competing. To me its more like trying to sharpen a craft. All I was out of this is the feeling that I did it right. I wanna know that I had ya'll groovin', I had ya'll Movein'. Standin' up and flapin ya arms and shit cause thats whats its all about. Just let a dude know !



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