Saturday, June 9, 2007

So who won?

Ha ha! It was a good battle but in the end obviously I could not come up with anything and Czar showed why he is the teacher and I the pupil. I could defend my last post but at this point why bother, Czar is the winner fair and square. It was a good battle this time unlike the last war which was pretty embarrassing on my part. Congrats to Czar on his victory in the war (and a little fun).

If you noticed there was a lot of shit talking on both of our parts and that is all it is: talk. I have a great amount of respect for Czar and what he does. He has an amazing ear and is definitely a legend among Timbo stans. On top of that dude is mad cool so I'm happy to have lost to a friend. Plus Czar just graduated college so give it up for him ya'll!

I hope everyone looked at the bigger picture of what the war became because I do feel it is a very important argument which is: identifying samples from music versus samples from sound. I think it was more than obvious from both of our lengthier and lengthier intros that we both were passionate about how we felt on each side of the arguement. With that said let me open the floor to all of you and ask the question, is finding a sample from music the same as finding a sample from sounds? It find it a very interesting debate indeed...

Thank you all for your comments and I hope you enjoyed this week I know I did.


  1. in the end, this battle got me as a fan diggin a lot deeper into Tim's songs and looking for samples... shoot i mite even figure wut Tim sampled in that M.I.A. clip boog!!! anyhoo its all good... KEEP IT UP BOOG!!!!

  2. My Opinion, a sample is as good as a sound. A sample is a sample whether from a sample cd or a ol'school record. You both show ur skills in finding these samples/sounds. I as well as others on this site couldn't find half of the things you guys have found. Therefore everything on here is Gold making it a solid find in either case. U both got mad skills when it comes to researching his material. I, myself have tried to find sounds and or samples and have come up empty handed. I just accidentally stumble upon them. Hats off to both of you.. But yes a sound is as important as a sample. Obviously if, timbo are using these sounds. So you can't say one is more important than the other.. He sometimes uses these "sounds" as the foundation for a beat. Sometime a "sample". So not one is more imporatant than the other...


  3. i swear i can hear the same sample in Lovestoned & Bounce...........

    ......and the war was nice, u did well Boog, but ur freestyle post was kinda a waste lol

  4. First off, I gotta give it up for Boogie on this war. You had me sweatin man LOL. But I do think the sound vs. sample debate is real interesting and worth discussing. What I found really cool about this war was that you held down the sample cds shit and I held down samples from regular songs. It was like I held down half of the tim samples and you did the other half, I think that's what really made it a hot war. Anyway, I'm not even gonna get into who won, it was a hard fight regardless lol. And thanks again for the graduation congrats.



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