Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tim talks about his Miko

Check out the article but also click that link on the top right "Timbaland and his Miko"

****Q: What artists have you produced using the Miko?
A: I did a Fat Joe record with the Neko, some stuff with Justin Timberlake, and the Fall Out Boys, and several other projects. And of course on my new record, Shock Value. I use the Neko and Miko all the time. I just use it… and it comes out a masterpiece!

Q: So, having it all in one place, does that help your creative process?
A: Yes, having it all right there is great. It’s like your disc cases, your turntables, it’s everything that you would need. All right there at your fingertips.

Q: Do you plan on using your new special edition Miko on your next project?
A: Oh yeah, I’m going to use it everywhere. For one thing, it’s small and easy to travel with and I can eliminate a lot of my disc cases and stuff. I don’t have to carry around anything else, I just do it!****

I have no idea about production equipment but I thought this would be a cool video for all the production heads out there. Tell me what you think about a Miko? Good equipment or ?


  1. yeh i heard tim uses this through Dexter Simmons (Grammy Award Winning Engineer for Brandy/Darkchild/Outkast/Mariah Carey)...never saw this article though....

    this keyboard is top of the line stuff...only thing i dont really like is that the computer thats in it...is windows platform i believe...but i'll still use it if i get my hands on one

  2. Haha on the video he said Brian Kidd introduced him to it... so they deffo are mates.


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