Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Day 3: Is that mold on the Crown?

You know I'm still chuckling from Day #2. Putting a sample from one of your own sample mixes from years ago is just plain desperation. If you all remember from the last battle, Czar pointed out "Well Boogie...sad to say it, but you're YEARS late on "Colonial Mentality." That was on one of my first mixes. So sad sad..." Here we are 6 months later and Czar tries the same trick. He may have fooled those who didn't know but to those of us familiar with the "king's" work that just wasn't going to fly.

Enough with the talk on to the samples. So day #3 and let me work yet another angle for the sample war. I'm going to take a look at the video of MIA in the studio with Tim. If ya'll remember it was posted twice here on The Chronicles before Interscope had it taken down with a permanent warning not to put it back up. As much as I'd like to re-up the video or at least show you clips from it for this particular post, I repsect what I was told and audio samples from the video will have to do.

If you remember Tim played MIA a bunch of tracks for her showing off his skills, focusing on his knowledge of Indian music. One track he played for her is this one I'd love to say I knew where the beginning came from but I don't (yet). I did however recognize one sample, this one.

Of all the beats Tim played for her there was one that stood out not only for her, not only for us, but for Tim himself. Seems he forgot he made the beat because if you remember his face he was surprised as hell at what he heard. Here's a clip of that track. Check the beginning of the track and you'll hear both this sample and this sample. All 3 of these samples come from the famous 3 set sample CDs that I posted a few weeks back. I'm telling you Tim loves those CDs and keeps going back to them.

That's it Boogie? No no I mean really that's only 3 "sounds" versus samples right Czar? Let's continue...

What a lot of people had commented on from the video was the very end when Tim "played” MIA this What would you call that? A beat? A sound effect? A sample? Well that track, if you will, samples this song called “Merry Christmas Mr Lawerence” by Ryuichi Sakamoto from the movie of the same name. Sakamoto is a very famous composer having scored such movies as The Last Emperor, Little Buddha, Snake Eyes, nad Femme Fatal. I personally like this version of his song better. A very beautiful piece.

Now I purposely left the last sample up for debate. Yes you’re right it has that very “Do It/Block Party” Commodore 64 sound to it (I bet it was created around the same time). Yes it could be off a sample CD. Yes Tim could have used the original sample and reworked it with added sounds. I’ll leave that debate up to all of you, what do you think?

And that is what Boogie brings on Day 3.


  1. That's a dope post man... U bringin da heat!!

  2. Ryuichi Sakamoto, amazing.


  3. I thought this as a sample war not a sound scuffle. Post samples or don't post nothing at all Mr. Shit talker.

  4. the clip sounds str8 up a like a nintendo game especially at the beginning of the clip when the sample was at its regular tempo (i believe).... imma look into it... the time period and the song would be consistant with nintendo's popularity... especially if that same guy made song for them. u did notice that computer to his left?!?! it was most likely some sort of synthesizer or recording device...

  5. COT DAMN THAT WAS FIRE!!!! I don't care..right now boogie is in the lead mannn LOL props on that major sample diggin..

  6. Holy crap that was good, I'ma sample that Ryuichi track thing myself now :O

    (Maybe in chiptune style before tim releases it lol)

  7. All I gotta say is that I hope Tim uses that last beat. That will change the face of R&B alone and this video shows that Tim still has it without the aid of Danja and the Royal Court.

  8. putting that vid to use i see... ;) Boogie is in the lead right now.

  9. Ya'll are tripping. That was some straight nonsense.


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