Sunday, June 10, 2007

Short Journey Round The World With Timbaland And Some Other Producers As Well

The Neptunes were the 1st major producer from the states workin with an artist from overseas in 2003. They did "Rohff - Where's Yours At" off "Taxi (Soundtrack)". Most successfull french movie of all time.

Around 2004, JR Rotem produced couple of tracks for France' most successfull solo rapper "Rohff" (and later also some for "Arsenik" and "Lino")

In 2005 Just Blaze ("Baggy Pants"), Neptunes ("Large"), DJ Premier ("You Know What Time Is It"), produced Teriyaki Boyz from Japan on their album "Beef Or Chicken".

Beginning of 2006 japanese artist "Zeebra" released the Swizz Beatz produced "Let's Get It Started" record.

End of 2006 Just Blaze did "The Extravaganza" joint for japanese DJ Muro's compilation.

Kanye West followed and produced "I Still Love H.E.R.", a new single of Teriyaki Boyz.

Recently Scott Storch followed by producing Julia Kova from Russia. The song is called "Beep Beep", just peep the superwack singer on youtube.

And now? NOW we have Timbaland producing also a russian artist named "Dima Bilan". Timbaland, together with Jim Beanz, produced a few songs (in english) for his upcoming international album. They recorded the songs in January, Feburary, April.
Danjahandz and Ryan Tedder were both also involved. A funny story is that Tim's team told him to improve his pronunciation and also gave him two vocal coaches (most likely Jim Beanz huh?). Also expect to hear collabos with Scott Storch and maybe with Nelly Furtado and Shakira. That's russian big budget right there...
with Timbaland

with Jim Beanz

with Ryan Tedder

with Nelly Furtado

with Scott Storch

Check the first (live) performance of the Timbaland produced single "Number One Fan".
Dima Bilan - Number One Fan

Check also the news section of his official page

Furthermore I can give you some more insider details. Timbaland will produce a few songs for the french superstar Matt Pokora who is signed on Universal France. He's workin on his 3rd (?) album right now. It will most likely get released international. From what I know Matt spent already a few days in watch out...


  1. din't tim do this 1st by working with Utada Hikaru

  2. :) yeah u absolutely right Mr. the hell could I forget her...

  3. L!Y!P!S!Y!N!C!H!I!N!G!

  4. Matt Pokora?!
    I'm gonna kill myself!
    He's soooo wack!

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