Sunday, June 3, 2007

Week 2 Entries and Poll to vote

So our 1st wek has come to a close and the winners for "The Way I Are" Remix are the J-Mack Remix with 206 votes and the Andy Remix with 197 votes. Congrats to both of you. We had a total of 701 votes which is great!! I was very impressed with that number and look forward to having those kinds of numbers in the future.

People have been asking about what I remix I voted for. Well my vote went to the Introduction remix as he completly flipped the entire track's tempo and came with a an almost 1/2 time beat. I loved all the sounds and loved that it sounded totally different than the original track. With that said however, ALL of you made some pretty amazing remixes. I was impressed with everyone and I thank you!

Here we are at week 2. Now either you all don't like the whole remixing of a sample or you all just aren't into it anymore (though it's only week 2) because I only got 7 entires this week. Talk to me everyone, how are you all feeling? Accapellas only? Didn't like the sample? What's up? Based on the number of entries and feedback I've been getting, I will only be posting accapellas from now on.

Here are the entries for Week 2 and the poll:

Mixtape Project Week 2 Entries

Remember feedback is important!


  1. Personaly, I dont like sampling. and I really wasn't feelin the sample anyway. I tried to flip it all week, but I just didnt get any vibes from it. But expect something next week.

  2. sampling is cool. jst that sample hard to do anything with apart from the part tim used himself. its all gd was worth a shot

  3. Hey, I emailed my remix in and its not up. my email is rockthegoodies, its the ayana tari remix

  4. ^ sry, call me late night remix

  5. I tried sampling but i wasn't happy with it. I'ts hard to make a hit out of the sample , thats why timbo is the king!. I like the acapella's..


  6. My HUGE apologies to oSNAPitzYANNA as my server was having trouble with the code for her remix which did make it on time.

    It has been now been added so please check it out.

    Plus I need everyone to revote. I apologize for the inconvenience!

  7. Boog,

    How long do the remixes play on the players you are using? I haven't been able to hear more than 20 seconds of ANY remix.

    Also, what length should we make the "remixes"?

    Thanks sir,


  8. Hands down, "Essence Guardian Remix". Great beat.

  9. The remixes shoud start up a lot quicker now. I'll stick to those music players from now on.

  10. i'm gonna CRUSH the "laff at em" contest!!


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