Sunday, June 24, 2007

50 Cent Curtis Snippets

There had been requests to hear the Timbo produced "AYO Technology" f/ Justin Timberlake so here it is plus 4 other very short snippets from 50:

50 Cent feat. Mary J. Blige : All Of Me
50 Cent feat. Justin Timberlake : Ayo Technology
50 Cent feat. Akon : I'll Still Kill
50 Cent feat. Robin Thicke : Follow My Lead
50 Cent : Peep Show

50 Cent Snippets

Obviously made around the same time as "Do It" I'm interested in hearing the full version of the track. It's been said it will not be on the Curtis album but with it being postponed there is still 100% certainty that it will not be. Let's hope it makes it.


  1. I used to b AMONGST tha biggest fans of 50 then i became no fan @ all. But nw, Timmy & JT r makin' ma wanna put a smile on ma face when i hurr him. Wot ma story is about is that, that tracc is "SICC" followd ba Peep Show, the one wiv Akon. Boiii, it like i almost kant wait fo his singles 2 drop. PS, which tracc did Timmy produce fo Big Will "Will Smith" on Lost&Found, is it "Switch"or "Party Starter written by Ludacris"?

  2. do i hear the same ping pong balls sample that was used in the brian kidd produced enrigue track..hummm what came first the chicken or the egg????...

  3. nah it wasn't made around the same time as "do it", that was from 2005. remember tim said he made it on his tour bus?

  4. OT: Contrary to popular belief, Tim didn't actually produce Will Smith's "Party Starter". That was Polow Da Don.

    I'm feeling that AYO song. The beat reminds me of Trey Songz's "Wonder Woman" track. Clearly no surprise there if Danja co-produced it.

  5. @ anonymous
    Its ur mum that speaks bullshit. I mean wots thurr not to understand or mayb its ur sense of reasonin' that needs correction. Magicpuppy gave an answer, hw cme u too dumb understand? Well thats all 4rm me. am sorry y'll 4 ma rude mouf but y'll saw hw it started?


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