Monday, June 4, 2007

Sample this!

First off let me say great job on that last one Big A! That's a good find that I know Czar didn't have a clue about let alone Nick or Rod :) Now it's my turn and of course in true Boogie style I'm gonna talk a BIG game (even though I don't know nothin' about samples)

Instead of giving you the very basic track and it's sample format that poor boring Czar does all the time (HA!) I'm going to switch it up and I'm even going to bring out a very rare Timbo track that not many know about. We'll see if The Chronicles team has even heard of it. First off watch this clip from the movie Clash Of The Titans:

When I was a kid way back when this was THE movie. It seems a little dated now with it's aged claymation and simplistic effects but back then when I saw Medusa come out I was mesmorized. Ok Boogie we've seen it, what's up with this movie clip? Well I want you to pay close attention to Medusa's tail more so the very sound it makes when it shakes. Similar to a rattle snake but not quite.

Now think "have I ever heard that sound in a Tim track?" As a man of sounds I recognized it right away. You might now recognize it simply because you've never heard this Tim track before. Boogie is reachin' deep in his bag of Timbo goodies to give you this track:

Here the Medusa tail sound at the beginning? Yes that is the one definitely. The quality of the track is not the best and it's obviously off a mixtape but none the less that's my entry for today. You can argue it's not an actual sample rather a sound but I would argue back that it is not from a sound effect CD but rather sampled from a movie.

Boogie 1 the rest 0


  1. Damn! Good ear J! By far the most in depth sample youve ever found.

  2. good ear ain't the word for it lol great find man

  3. Clash of the Titans was the movie tho', lmao at medusa!


  4. what track is this?

  5. sounds like Ginuwine...


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