Thursday, June 7, 2007

Day 4: Roaches don't die

It’s been said that Czar’s one weakness is Sample CDs. He doesn’t have the time, he’s uninterested, and more likely he has other people to look for him yet I would say for obvious reasons diverse samples are also a weakness. As I was reading through your sample post yesterday Czar I couldn’t help but say “another Indian sample?” Don’t get me wrong they’re great finds, but can you find anything else? I’ll give you the King of Timbaland Indian Samples but that’s about it. I would think with your background (and friends) that Indian samples should be easy for you so how about mixing it up?

For day 4 I will look at another sample CD Tim has used. Let’s start with the Missy track "Pass That Dutch" Yes Czar found the main sample years ago and I identified the whistle sound (big whoop) and if memory serves me correct there’s even a Sanford and Son sample in there too but what interests me is the crowd noise at the beginning, this sample.

Moving on to the "Intro" of Ms Jade’s Girl Interrupted the woman’s singing can be heard here. More? Ok. Justin Timberlake’s first hit collabo with Timbo was ”Cry Me A River” Where did the choral sample come from at the beginning? It came from this sample. What about the dude at the very end? The sample has been slowed from this one.

Finally, one of the few highlights on Missy’s The Cookbook was the track ”Joy” Was that little robot sampled from a movie? No rather it used this sample (wait for it it’s in there) The most obvious part of the track is Missy singing “jooooooy” during the chorus. Wait a minute is that Missy? I say no it’s this. All of these samples can be found off of Best Service’s Voice Spectral 1 and 2.

So I’m sure some people are going to reduce my finds to just sounds (though somehow sounds off Deepest India are labeled “great samples”) but I ask what if the “Joy” sound came from a Dolly Parton record from the 70s would that make it more legit as a sample? Or if the choral voice from ‘Cry Me A River” came from an obscure Hungarian chant, would it make it more of a “sample”? I have to wonder…..

Day 4 is done, the roach can’t be killed.


  1. i can hear some producers now....."i gotta get my hands on that sample cd".....great post boogie...thos SAMPLES are some nice finds

  2. I think someone needs to define to this idiot what a sample is. All this stuff he is posting is from Prosamples Dance Vocals. These aren't aren't samples. These are license free sounds that are accessible to everyone.

  3. boogie you killed it...good job!

  4. LOL @ the above anonymous person... they're samples reguardless, even if the license is royalty free for free. You do know that samples are imported non-original sounds from another source of some type used in a track? I could record some soundclip of a cartoon on the TV, that would be a sample. Or I could slap in the Windows XP start up sound. >_>

    Oh I came here to say, which you probably know, but Timbo loves using that Joy sample (the vocal jooooooooy one)... I've heard it in at least one more track.

  5. Yeah @ keith...
    i've heard it in Shelby Norman's 'This Love Is Real' too...

  6. What's "Pass that Dutch" sampled from?? Dying to know!!

  7. ^ Santa Esmeralda - "Dont let me be misunderstood."


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