Thursday, June 7, 2007

Day 4: What the hell were you thinking?

Boogie, Boogie, Boogie...I am so disappointed in you right now after your day four thread. With Nick saying that the war is tied 1-1-1, and other people saying you're leading it 2-1 (shout out to the people who say I'm leading it right now), I thought that you were going to come hard tonight and put the nail in the coffin. But instead you came weak...really weak. How in the world were you going to post three "samples" that all came from the SAME SAMPLE CD?!?!?!?! Since they all came from ProSamples Vol 12 Dance Vocals/Voice Sepctral 1 and 2 (go here:, where's the digging? Where's the time spent searching for that one sample? Don't cheat your tim stans by posting that mess.

But moving on, let me address some things you said in the beginning of your post. First, you said that my weakness is sample cds, and this is true. I don't produce so I don't have access to these sample cds. But most importantly, I feel like showcasing songs that used sample cds is boring and shows no knowledge of music. I could easily put out a Czar's Timbo Sample Mix Volume 8 out of straight sample cds, but what's the point of stringing together a bunch of "samples" that are only 10 seconds long? You're not showing off a good ear, all you're showing off is that you found a sample CD that had two second snippets of some sound that Tim sampled. This is why, like yesterday, I showcased a song from a sample cd as well as a regular track that tim sampled. And you kind of support the point of knowing sample cds but having no knowledge of music when you did your three day sample cd thing and didn't notice that some of the sounds on the sample cds were snippets from actual songs (like the intros to "slow down" and "backstabbers" not only came from a sample cd, but also from the "Outer Limits Theme Song" ). Secondly, you said I'm not diverse with my samples. All I can do is chuckle at this. 7 sample mixes and showcasing different Tim samples every Friday here, and you say I don't post anything other than Indian samples? C'mon now Boogie, you gotta be kidding me. From Fela to Alison Krauss to Spiderman Theme song, I bring a lot to the table. Look in the mirror next time you talk about lack of diversity in timbo samples, since you seem to only post "samples" from sample cds.

But enough talking, let's get to the samples. Since I did a sample cd yesterday, I won't repeat myself and do some more stuff from sample cds today (like someone else who I know). And since Boogie wants to see diversity, I'll show some diveristy, and show who has the best ear around.

First let's go to Africa. Now I've talked about Fela Kuti a lot during Czar's Sample of the Week, but I have yet to talk about his son, Femi Kuti. Not only did he follow in his father's footsteps in being a musician and creating amazing afrobeat music, but Femi Kuti is also a social and political activist like his father. So why am I talking about Femi Kuit? Well, we all remember Missy's "Old School Joint" from the Miss E...So Addictive album, and how the main beat samples One Way's "Pop It?" Well the drums to the Missy track sample "Victim of Life" from Femi Kuti's "Shoki Shoki" album. This is an amazing song and everyone should pay attention to Femi's lyrics.

Now let's travel to the U.S. and go to Chicago. Sticking with Missy Elliott, we all already know that "Work it" samples Bob James' "Take me to Mardis Gras"/Run DMC's "Peter Piper" and Blondie's "Heart of Glass." But did you all know that the drums heard at the beginning of the track (right after the "DJ beats" intro) samples "Stay the Night" from the pop-rock band Chicago? "Stay the Night" was released in 1984 off the "Chicago 17" album. Don't know why Tim just used the drums for the beginning, but it shows how Tim can just integrate so many different sounds and create a hot beat.

Going from the U.S., let's now travel to the U.K. Ever wonder what Tim is playing backwards in Justin Timberlake's "What you got (oh no)?" Well it's actually the club hit "Back to Life" from the London-based group Soul II Soul from their Club Classics Vol. 1 debut album. Listen carefully to "Back to life" and you can hear the same horns in that song played backwards in "What you got (oh no)."

Jumping back to the U.S., one of my favorite tracks off the Bubba Sparxxx and Mudkatz Mixtape was the track "Cranky Up" It just had this nice guitar riff that I was in love with. Well it turns out that the guitar is sampled from "War" by L.A.-based, but the group is of Armenian descent, rock band System of a Down. "War" is off their 1998 debut album "System of a Down." The beat switch on "War" is just sick!

You know what, I thought I was done, but I'm having so much fun doing this I think I'll post something else. This is not necessarily a sample, but just something cool to mention. When Jamie Foxx's "Can I Take You Home" first leaked, it was an extended mix that had Jamie Foxx ad libbing at the end. Most people thought that he was just showcasing his comedic skills with the whole "I got an italian cook, his name is Jerome Sacagagraci or somethin." Well, while it might seem like an original joke, those lyrics were actually from "Chili Sauce" from the "Ice Cream Castle" album by The Time (go to around 3:30). Now, I talked about earlier in one of my Czar's Sample of the Week about Tim's love of Prince and The Time, so I don't know if Jamie Foxx did this on his own, if Tim wanted Jamie to do it, or if static wrote it. What do y'all think?

Well, I'm done. I hope I didn't drop too much sample napalm on you Boogie. Remember to stay in your place and always know that you're the student and I'm the teacher. You can stick with your sample cds, I'll stick to real music.



  1. The back to life thing was done already, i forget by who..

  2. Whooo Czzz, u comited murder right thurr u know, booiii, Boogie iz gonna cme down read hard on u lol. Fela & Femi r 4rm ma country Nigeria, there were & r real sick, am so happy just to discover that TiMBO sample their tracks, i feel so honoured even though i did nuffink. Thanks Czz & good luck on the War hope u make it as well as boog. Gud work team, kip it up!

  3. Now that's what I'm talking about :)
    The battle for the baddest Timba genius began.


    Does anyone know where this choir is coming from tim and danja alway use?




  5. I've heard rumors that they sampled Goblin's "Endless Love." But I think that it's a stretch. Both tracks might have the same sound on their keyboard, or used the same sample cd. But who knows, check out the Goblin track tho.


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