Friday, June 15, 2007

Current Timbo Videos

You voted and MTV listened. "Throw It On Me' won the battle of the bands this week winning 58% of the vote. Definitely a good win considering the popularity of The White Stripes as well as them having a new album coming out soon called Icky Thump. "Throw It On Me" has been playing over the last few days on MTV which yet more great exposure for Timbaland and a great push for Shock Value. Read more here.

"The Way I Are" video has launched already in Germany. Big A has seen it and maybe could leave a comment about what he thought about it. Stateside the track has already jumped from #78 to #57 on the music charts (thanks Mac) and that's without the video even being released here yet. The McDonald's campaign has also been a great push for the song. The video will be released here sometime next week. When we have more information and possibly an exclusive first peek (hopefully) we'll definitely let you know. Let's get Timbo another #1 song and get D.O.E, Keri, and Sebastian their first one.


  1. i saw the way i are video,too. its great. 100% number 1 hit!!!

    in 30 minutes they will show it on viva (germany) ,too. im trying to record it

  2. omg macedes plz do! ive been searchin for it on the internet for 2 days already

  3. Hey guys!
    Here you go

    Peace :)

  4. hmmmm
    The bad thing in my link is that the guy just had the video with no he put the song in it but not very up to the video...and no sebastian part lol..
    But at least we can see what it look like!



  6. What the hell...this vid is crap...again. The production value is nice, but there's NOTHING going on. "Throw It On Me" is definitely the only Shock Value vid that looks like effort was put in so far.


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