Friday, June 29, 2007

50 Cent's New Single

In the midst of 50 Cent's explanation of shall we say his interesting performance on the BET Awards show, MTV announced that 50's new single will be indeed "AYO Technology" f/ Justin Timberlake. With a small twist:

****An official video for "Follow My Lead," featuring Robin Thicke, was also filmed several weeks ago, but has since been shelved. Reps for Interscope explained that 50's next official single will be a record formerly called "Ayo Technology" that features Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. The record is now called "She Want It" and a video will be in production shortly.****


I have to admit something about saying "Yo did you check out that new joint by 50 "AYO Technology?" that doesn't really roll off the tongue quite as well as "She Want It." I'm still very interested to hear the HQ quality (and full) version of this track. I'm hoping for some sort of beatswitch at the end.


  1. that beat is insane tim had to put a switch up on that man

  2. i hate to make everything for the public.. ayo technologic is so genius and why they have to change the title.. this is so unacceptable for us and for the artist, because his ideas and thoughts get changed. i wouldnt do that, because it's what i do.

  3. "AYO Technology" is a memorable title. "She Want It" sounds like every other stupid rap title...

  4. yes, i agree. "Ayo technology" fits perfectly to that 80's Videogame-sample timbo used for this track and this title is really memorable..


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