Wednesday, June 20, 2007

BossPlayya presents: Timstrumental of the Week (?!)

The Timstrumentals are back. I don't know how a week turned into 2 , then 3...and here we are almost 2 months on.

Fabolous just dropped his 4th album last week, and as we all know, it's fronted by a Timbo-produced track. He's worked w/ Tim on 2 previous occasions, RIGHT NOW & LATER ON off his debut (GHETTO FABOLOUS, 2001) and WAKE UP (a track which remains in limbo today)

Now, I don't think these 'Loso joints capture Tim at his finest, but it does showcase to me how even a mediocre Timbo track still kills the competition (that's a Stan talkin). Another standout thing is how Tim has versatility for days. MAKE ME BETTER and RIGHT NOW... sound nothin alike. RIGHT NOW has some of the sound from back when that Tuff Jew Storch was Timmy's piano man.

I've read some requests in the comment boxes so next week it's gon be Missy double-feature, BEEP ME 911 (both versions, album and remix), down the line it's gon be many a Timmy classic. Glad to be back and in the meantime here go Fabolous...

Fabolous//RIGHT NOW & LATER ON timstrumental
Fabolous//MAKE ME BETTER timstrumental


  1. Hey you hiphop analysts! - check out my friends beats on - compare Original with 'Icebox' and other such trax and compare Swoon(the synth at the start) with Rihannas rehab - I think they sound a lot more similar than previous comparisons you've made, and would be very glad to hear ur expert opinions. I think that Timberlake, Timbaland and others have been ripping from her wholesale, and could send you further trax for analysis. I thank you in advance for your expert opinions. keep up the good work, 4anorak

  2. That's a f*ckin good look cuz i was lookin for the "right now, later on" real instrumental for years. Now i can throw away all those fake loops, thanks a mil!!

  3. yes! they're back!

    thanks for the fab joints.
    lookin forward to the missy instrumentals next week!

    did you guys ever post the instrumental for swv's "can we"? if you haven't yet, can you please post that?

    thanks again for responding to the requests!

  4. Sisters With Voices comin soon.

  5. NIce Rod! There's been lots of questions about "Wake Up"


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