Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shock Value III Preview: Missy Elliott F/ Sebastian "Warped"

Now this is the kind of track I'd want on a Shock Value album. It's an updated Tim sound but still keeping that the core Timbo craziness. This track alone beats nearly every track on SVII for uniqueness alone. Enjoy "Warped"

What you all think?


  1. i am def liking this. lets hope this is what sv3 sounds like as an album.

  2. Definitely a freshness about this. Only thing I would say is Timbo should sing less, he sounds like he's mumbling alot these days, he's not getting the words out clearly. I know the voices are meant to be "warped" to go along with the theme of the song but Tim's voice isn't what it was. As he gets older, he's losing the uniqueness of his voice whether it's rapping or singing.

  3. he can just go back to 'robo tim/ad lib tim' anytime he wants lol

  4. Timbaland ft. Missy Elliott & Sebastian - Round Da Way Tim


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