Tuesday, January 11, 2011

J Boogie On Timbaland

Let's just be honest: Timbaland's music sucks. Not the last album, not even the last year but for a long time now (I'd argue since Future Sex / Love Sounds). Now you may disagree with me, you probably will but there's no denying that Timbaland isn't making that incredible, I've-never-heard-that-before kind of music but rather the commercial, pop music that we hear everyday. He even admits it. So why has Tim's music been suffering you ask? It's easy:

He's bored.

Let's face facts: almost every Timbaland banger that's been out in the last 5 years was made over 5 years ago ("Laff At Em", "Hello", every Timbaland Thursday track we'll ever hear). What artists are working with Timbaland that are pushing the envelope right now, that aren't unsigned? Nicki Minja? What kind of track is Timbo really gonna make for Demi Lovato? A "Are You That Somebody" kind of track or Ginuwine "Get Involved" kind of track? We all heard The Jonas Brother's "Tonight" (Remix) right? Is Michelle Branch really gonna push your creativity? Who's gonna remember "Gettaway" in 10 years, shit next year?! Now pull out Ginuwine's "I'll Do Anything/I'm Sorry" (over 15 years old kids!).

My point is this: Timbaland step up your production game. Is this really the best you have to offer? Is this how you want to retire? With Demi Lovato, Jonas Bothers, Daughty, Miley Cyrus beats you can do in your sleep as your legacy? Timmy man you're my favorite producer in the world, start acting like it.


  1. Timbaland was never my assoluto favorite producer/beatmaker, so I don't share your sentiment as strongly. I do notice the decline in quality from prior eras, though.

    Even Chris Cornell's album, which I like, sounds peculiar from the perspective of a person who enjoys Timbaland's work. That's Tim though... and one fan's trash is another's treasure. I remember some among us on this site used to hate on every track Danja was involved in. Now people can generally agree that Danja's damn near eclipsing Timbaland in the production department.

    And, even last year, people were hating on tracks like Michelle Branch's "Getaway", which I felt wasn't a shabby production. It wasn't the worst song of the year by a longshot (we may well have the Black Eyed Peas to thank for that), and it definitely wasn't the nadir of Timbaland's production career, as depicted in this post!

  2. No no no no no.

    My humble opinion:

    Timbaland is nothing alone. He needs a co-writer/producer/musician/whatever to provide him with a strong musical foundation. Melody, chords, whatever. Then he can do his magic. I'd say mostly drums, plus his fucking experience that will tell him what is going to sound right.

    Think about it. Let's go way back. Pony: is this 100% Timbaland? Are these Timbaland chords? No. He just took them, found the right patch on his keyboard, and voila. Not saying that was the easy part, but there you go: Timbaland is no musician and either needs someone to start the track, or samples. How many of the tracks you love where he just added a few drums to samples? (Again, I'm not saying it's an easy process). You love FSLS, well, we all know Danja was the one responsible for those crazy synths. Don't tell me Tim could have done it alone.

    Well, you got the point.

    Since the chiptune case, Timbo stopped obvious sampling. Now that the sampling is gone, he must rely only on his entourage. So? JRoc? You must be kidding. He sucks. And that's why everything from Timbo sucks lately : he is surrounded by bad musicians. That's all dude, that's all.

    Let's just hope he finds another Danja soon.

    I'm really sorry to say all of this, cause I'm his #1 fan, but that's the truth and you know it.

  3. I co-sign this to the fullest. I started to boycott a long time ago...

  4. Y'all dudes are crazy he will come out the coffin too many years of dope music and other producers biting for me to say to much about the pop tracks he said that like 2003 i got confidence though i disagree alot of his best beats were solo it allows him to be different crazy,complex,beatswitches,the breakdowns all of that


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