Tuesday, January 11, 2011

D.O.E. "Novacaine" -Timbaland Thursdays

I've actually had this track in my Timbaland vault for years and wondered if he would release it. No doubt part of the John Doe days with the piano sample and slower tempo. Check out the long awaited "Novacaine":


  1. awesome one.
    MAN im so happy that he did so many great songs back in the days.. now its all about to being released

  2. boogie. as always i will be a fan of the chronicles FOREVERRR. Even if you never post again or if you just post once a month. I respect if you dont wanna do it anymore 100 percent all the way. just know there are mad die hard readers. And I love the buzz no disrespect to those dudes but NOONE can blog timbaland like you! Much love to you boog! Hope you keep doin watchu do!
    im prob ur biggest fan haha


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