Friday, January 28, 2011

Way Back When: "Lil' Apartment"/ "I'm a Real N***a"

Tim decided to go into his vault for this week's Timbaland Thursdays and released Lil' Apartmet. Most Timbo stans will recognize the song (and probably have it on their playlist) as "I'm a real n***a," a track that leaked in full almost three years ago and was slated for the indefinitely-shelved 6'2, Attitude, and Timbaland group album (they recorded over 60 songs for that album! Tim, you need to release that entire album for the next Timbaland Thursdays). Now, even though the track leaked in 2008, the real geeky Tim stans will remember that we first caught a glimpse of this record back in the spring of 2006 when a random video clip (seemingly recorded by Brian Byrd) of Tim, Hannon, Jimmy D, pre-American Idol contestant Chris Richardson (who recorded a song with Sebastian), King Logan, and (I think?) Danja listening to the track at Thomas Crown Studios. Peep it:

Hannon and Tim

Byrd | Myspace Video

I played this video so many times that I memorized Tim's mannerisms to the song, and still do them when I listen to 6'2's verse lol.

Well, there you have it. Another Timbo history brought to you by the good folks over at The Thomas Crown Chronicles :-)


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  1. great song. now we need i see you with attitude. that track is great but we need it in cdq.


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