Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ginuwine "Hate To Love" produced by Timbaland

There's nothing I love more than when one of The Chronicles music news exclusives becomes a reality. Such is the case with the LONG awaited unreleased Ginuwine track "Love To Hate" from his album A Man's Thoughts that we told you about over 2 years ago! Produced by Timbo, vocal production by Jim Beanz, check out G's "Hate To Love":

Why G decided to ok with the god awful "Get Involved" track over this is beyond comprehension.



  1. "Why G decided to ok with the god awful "Get Involved" track over this is beyond comprehension." AGREED

  2. thx for all this background information.:) There is also a full version of this song out there but labeled as a Rebel track.

  3. where can i download this?

  4. I actually think Get Involved was ok--but this track is real nice.

    Maybe he thought Get Involved would have more crossover appeal?

  5. I'm like a friggin kid in a candy store!!!!! WOOOOOOOW The original Ginuwine.

    And am I the only one that liked Get Involved???? I thought it was cool... There has to be more unreleased from those sessions due to the fact that they rented out a studio at Village Recordings for that whole weekend back in Spring of 09.

  6. maybe he didnt put it out coz it sounds like ICEBOX...get involved was a great track...mediocre comments from mediocre critics

  7. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! soooo much better than get involved!!!! Do you guys have the other song tim did for that album?? does anyone??


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