Saturday, February 5, 2011

Czar's Timbo Sample of the Week

What's up Tim Stans?

So Boogie came up with a great idea the other day, and has asked me to re-release one of my eight timbo sample mixes every week and give a little history about each mix. As an added bonus (and this might surprise Boogie), I'm going to post a sample from the unreleased vol. 9 sample mix. So let's get straight to it...

It was the summer of 2003, Kiley Dean's classic (in my opinion) album, Simple Girl, leaked as well as a couple of tracks from Brandy's Afrodisiac album. This was wayyyyy before Thomas Crown Chronicles (there was Timbaland Heaven tho...shout out to Jess! You pioneered this Timbo blog ish!!), so we relied on new Timbo songs and news via members of the Beat Club forum/message board (yes, Beat Club still existed; no MMG yet). Anyway, one day someone posted the sample to Petey Pablo's "Raise Up," and the whole forum was buzzing about and posting Timbaland samples. Soon after, one of the forum members, Redman2k3, posted the first ever Timbaland sample mix (shout out to Redman2k3!!) Check it:

After Redman2k3 released his sample mix, I was sitting on some Timbaland samples (shout out to Malis for helping me with some!), but I didn't know what to do with them. I wasn't an up-and-coming/aspiring producer like Redman2k3, but I wanted to post something. So I downloaded this old, cheap software and mixed the Timbaland beat with the original sample as best I could. The result was the first of 8 Timbaland sample mixes over six years (the later mixes are smoother lol) Peep:

Those of you who already have Vol. 1 will notice that I deleted two samples: "Tell me ya wit it" and "big spender." I deleted the former because I featured the full sample on a later mix, and I got rid of the latter because it's obviously not a Timbaland production.

Now, I couldn't decide on which Timbo sample from Vol. 9 to post, so I thought I'd do two (two sample mixes and two samples makes sense, right?). Enjoy!

So check back next week for Vol. 2 and another sample from Vol. 9



  1. thanks dude! jus go ahead and post the entire nr 9 lol :P

  2. This reminds me of the times I used to think Timbaland was Indian, even after seeing him on TV.

  3. ahhh the classic duo of Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar dope timbo!

  4. The very first sample on Redman2k3's Timbo Sample Mix was also brought back at the end of "Ease Off The Liquor" From Shock Value 2...The Spanish Guitar chords are the same in the outro. Tim def revisited this sample

  5. alright, I know damn near every hiphop producer samples...but am I the only one slightly depressed by some these songs being samples? That "I Care For You"? hit me the hardest lol.....and I just heard the "friendly skies" one as i was typing...dammit!!!!!

  6. man!!! Remember on the beatclub forum that one hater neptunian or whatever??? Man, we hated that guy!!! lol I sometimes go to the site in hopes that it'll magically be there. awwww those were the days.



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