Friday, February 11, 2011

Czar's Timbaland Sample of the Week

What's up Timstans?

It's Friday, and for the old school followers of The Chronicles, Fridays meant Czar's Timbo Sample of the Week--this Friday is no exception. Each week, I'm going to re-release one of my past eight Timbaland sample mixes along with samples from my unreleased Vol. 9. And since last week was Redman2k3's mix and my Vol. 1 mix, that means this week is all about Vol. 2. Peep:

This mix also came out in 2003. People on the Beat Club forum were really feeling my mix and Redman2k3's mix, so I decided to put together some other samples that I didn't put on vol. 1 and call it vol. 2 (I had no idea back then that I was going to do eight volumes lol). When I listen to the mix again, two things stick out in my mind: 1)This second volume is when I really cared about having a great intro sample that sounded like an introduction into something and would set the whole project up (this would become something that I wanted to do with all my mixes) 2)Having "Big Pimpin'" play longer than it probably should. I did this because I, like a lot of people, love that song and I just wanted to ride out to it lol (I wouldn't do that with another mix until my last). Those who already have Vol. 2 will notice a slight difference: I cut out the samples to The Relativz's "Maria" and Playa's "Gravy Train" because, as we posted here and here on the Chronicles, they aren't Timbaland productions.

And now for the sample from Vol. 9. Since it's Valentine's Day Weekend, I thought I'd release a romantic sample. Check it out:

Hope you've enjoyed this week's installment of Czar's Timbaland Samples of the Week. Check back again next week for Vol. 3 and another sample from Vol. 9 :-)



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  2. hot damn, nice find

    wish i knew the track haha

  3. is the way you can send me the original sample ???? caus i want to make a remake of my love and the only sound that im missing is this laughing guy sample hahah :) ...


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