Wednesday, August 24, 2011

David Guetta ft. Timbaland and Dev - "I Just Wanna F**k"

We have yet another Timbo/David Guetta collab, and this time it's off of David Guetta's upcoming album *Nothing but the Beat*. The track is called "I Just Wanna F***". Peep:

Props to Thomas for the heads up! Thoughts on the song?


  1. lol thanks for the shoutout! my opinion is definite that Pass At Me is more Guettaish and I Just Wanna Fuck is more Timboish... my guess is they're trying to gather attention from each other's fans...

  2. SO much better than the other track with Guetta. Just wish the content wasn't so trashy and devoid of any heart whatsoever.

  3. Did Tim make the beat? It sounds like it has no soul whatsoever. What has gotten into the greatest producer in the world? Somebody please tell me lol!


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