Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Timbland on ArtistDirect.Com

"These strange meetings of worlds have become one of Timbaland's trademarks. But his ever-expanding musical palette isn't solely a trip into the audio fancies of Timothy Z. Mosley. It's an effort that, with a democratic touch, Timbaland says he wants feedback on: "What I really want... is for people to take a poll and see if they think I should do a volume two, and who they would like me to work with," he says. "I want to do an online campaign. Tally up all of it and see if they all come up with the same answers—and also all the different answers that people come up with. Like let's say there's 10 for Coldplay, there might be 7 for Madonna. And from all that I want to do what the fans want me to do."

Check out the full article here

A poll for Shock Value II? What do you think, who should Tim work with? I say Outkast, Portishead, Amy Winehouse, more D.O.E, Candice Nelson, and Jill Scott. Tim hasn't really gone into the neo-soul genre.


  1. I think Shock Value II would be cool if it was a more focused effort than the current one. Cut down on the number of guests (and number of songs) and really expand with that smaller number. More focus on the sound quality would be fantastic, as well. I guess I just want quality over quantity. I honestly don't understand how or why some of the songs made it onto Shock Value. I know a lot of people want tons of collabs, but I prefer a tight knit group. Also, I know a lot of people want a ton of songs, but I prefer a smaller group of bangers (no underdeveloped material or fillers) that really work well together.

  2. Of course there should be a second Shock Value! We still gotta hear that Jay-Z track! Anyway Timbaland should work with Weezer, Incubus, and Pharrell/The Neptunes (for old times sake). I also agree with working with OutKast.


  3. Shock Value II in the style of tracks 1-6, stretched over the whole album = best album evar.

    why can't Tim just do an album of club bangers? that'd be the Holy Grail of rap albums for me anyway. bounce bounce bounce.

    i dunno about "neo-soul," Tim's style seems pretty anti-that to me.

  4. I would like to hear a Tim / Christina Aguilera collabo.. Her strong voice over his beats should be interesting

    Greets from germany

  5. Oh thank God, another Timbaland Album, I really hope this time he features 'Real Artists'. Not dat our own Mosley Music Group artists r s***, but God Damn, if u want ppl to give 15/10 ratings feature them coz dey lying around doin nothing. Nate Dogg, Lil wyane, Fat Joe, T.I, Jay-Z, Ludacris, Snoop, Keri, Sabastian, many more... Plz Plz Plz consider. Dats all i wanna say.

  6. shock value II? hail yeah lol
    my friend suggested taht timbo make a double disc like speakerboxxx//love below album and have one for rap and one for everything else
    i wanna see him work with jayz, ludacris, GWEN STEFANI [that ish would be BANANAS for real], OUTKAST fa sho, more MISSY [pleeeease!], kelis cuz runnin mate was hot, more bjork [oh wow], another album wit nelly furtado and another for JT


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