Tuesday, April 24, 2007

D.O.E on his Thomas Crown Studios Tour

You know who's bringin' it first!


  1. ahhh! dont leave the video game on pause DOE! it will burn into the screen!

  2. ill!! i wonder who that producer or engineer was? he kinda looks like that dude from Timbo's Diary that was tracking his keyboard when Busta came through.

    great video. PROPS!

  3. Hey, here is the first remix of "Way I Are": http://www.zshare.net/audio/timbaland-feat-keri-hilson-d-o-e-francisco-way-i-are-remix-mp3.html

  4. Bastion that is Hannon Lane. He's been working with Tim for awhile now. He helped produced a lot of Under Construciton II and he co-produced "Throw It On Me" off Shock Value.

    Sebastian the first non-official remix you mean.

  5. oooo ok!! i couldn't tell with the hoodie on lol. yeh hannon is ill.. throwback is still my jank. was that video on his myspace suppossed to be a track on Shock Value? cuz that track with attitude was straight fiya


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