Sunday, April 29, 2007

100,000 hits!

7 months ago I had a stupid, little idea of starting a Timbaland site. The question was how to go about it. There are plenty of Tim sites out there. They have these amazing graphics, music, forums, basically everything I knew nothing about. What I did know though was Timbo and his music. Through years of tutelage by the likes of Czar, Big A, Roderick, Timbochick, Bigmac, James, Nick etc. I began to really learn about Timbo but more about his music and how he does what he does. So why not share this information I had collected and learned from with the masses?

What other sites don't have, actually most websites lack, is a reason for people to come back to them. Unless it's a forum, most websites you go to there are all these cool graphics and stimuli and for the first few times you go there it's great but what happens after the 4th time? And the 5th? You totally lose interest. Well I wanted to create a site that was continually being updated and gave a reason for the Timbo fans in this world to come back to and learn from, hence the birth of The Chronicles.

What started out as something small has quickly grown into something huge! It's bigger than I ever imagined. I can not believe all the encouragement, support, and love I've gotten from people form all across the world. From producers to magazine editors, fans, to stans, current big time artists to up and coming ones, and all those in between it's been an incredible journey so far. I am so blessed to have this opportunity to have such a successful site that continues to grow.

I thank all of you for the support of The Chronicles. Truly if it wasn't for you this site would be nothing. Please continue to get the word out and let's make this the biggest Timbo site in the world. You all are great and here's to more Timbo for years to come. Thank you all!

and to my The Chronicles Team, I am indebted to you forever. Y'all are amazing!



  1. thank YOU!! just wanted to tell ya'll doin a great job...

  2. I love the site.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. good job, it's all love dawg :)

  4. This site is wonderful!

  5. Love it J BOOG!!!

  6. ENCORE! ENCORE !! ENCORE!!!, BIG BIG BIG... We love ur work & gon kip commin back 4 more. U got UK fans 4 sure, no doubt. Kip doin great Team TTC


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