Sunday, April 29, 2007

Snippet Bobby Valentino "Rearview (Ridin')

Check out a snippet of the other Timbaland produced single from Bobby Valentino's second album Special Occasion. The track is called:

"Rearview (Ridin')"

I'm so bad at deciding if I like a Timbo track just by a snippet because you never know what kind of goodies Tim threw in there especially at the end of a track. I've always been a fan of Tim's ballad made beats so I'm looking forward to hearing the full here soon.


  1. This is real nice. Sounds almost like a Darkchild joint. I like how Timbaland is coming with the slow jams again. A nice break from all of the high energy crazy beats he's been putting out lately.

  2. not looking forward to this at all..

  3. talkin bout Bobby V, this feature in France gets pretty good airplay


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