Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Tim on SheKnows.Com

I can't keep up with all of these interviews! Here's yet another article Tim did for SheKnows.Com

"There are periods in popular music where it seems one producer has his hands in every pot and each of those turns to gold. In this current era, that man is Timbaland. With no less than ten number one songs in the last year it seems everything he touches turns platinum."

I'm trying to think of the ten #1 tracks? "Promiscuous" "Maneater" "Sexyback" "My Love" "What Comes Around" ?? What else am I missing but more importantly what charts are they looking at?


  1. "Say It Right" & "All Good Things"

    Probably looking at major charts worldwide.

  2. Possibly "No Hay Igual"


  3. Wait A Minute was a hit in the UK I think


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