Monday, April 9, 2007

Rihanna talks Timbo

More off of the KIISFM Jojo interviews. Rihanna is in the studio this time talking about her new album "Good Girl Gone Bad" coming out June 5th. Timbaland produced a track called "Rehab" for her written by Justin Timberlake.

****"Timbaland came in and he just started writing this song in his head... I had a blast working with him too. He wrote this phenomenal record for me. It’s called Rehab. It's really deep and I love it... It fit perfect in terms of range and direction, it matched the album. It’s a different record for me. It's one of my favorites"****

The full KIISFM Interview (again scroll down, right hand side of the page)

Looking forward to hearing this track!

1 comment :

  1. I love the first single "Umbrella" w/ Jay-Z. Can't wait to hear this track.


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