Monday, April 30, 2007

"The Way I Are" second single - Timbo invades Europe!

Short update on the official second single of "Shock Value": "The Way I Are" will be shot in Europe, probably Glasgow (UK) or Rome (Italy) in few weeks and it will also probably feature a 2nd rapper on the track as well.

EDIT: The video looks to start shooting May 18th & 19th


  1. who is the rapper? jayz or sebastian?

    i hope its twista :)

  2. hmm.. Twista over THAT uptempo-Beat? Would be really dope, i think..

  3. aweosme, if theres another verse then the song goes longer...sweet

  4. Download the Way I Are Video Edit feat. Sebastian:

  5. That video edit is awkward to me. Anti-climactic arrangement. The structure is better in that it doesn't just end strangely after the rap verse, but it's still not great. I just think the song doesn't live up to its potential, which is huge.


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