Friday, April 13, 2007

Boogie's Sample of the week?

Alright ya'll it's with a BIG (sinister) smile that I post a little "sample of the week" I think even our resident sample master Czar is going to be impressed. You all remember the sample wars where I basically took him to school...HAHAH! more like the other way around, I got PAWNED!

Anyhow we all love Shock Value right? Especially those bonus tracks? What about "Come Around" featuring M.I.A? Dope huh, her voice, the beat, all the crazy sounds but there's one thing that stans out the most: the Indian chanting in the background.

Hmmmm what is that from?

Well it's from a track by Shamur called "Let The Music Play" which was one of the biggest Bollywood hits of 2006 from my understanding. I don't know much about Shamur, I couldn't find anything but I'll leave that to Czar since I have now found the sample.

Even if only one time I stump Czar, I'll take it! Enjoy ya'll!


  1. Close but not close enough. These people used the same sample as Timbo but he didn't get it from there track. Nice try though boogie.

  2. I like that I talk a bunch of sh*t like I know what I'm tlaking about when in reality I don't.

    One day Snaz one day :D


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