Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Bossplayya's Timstrumental of the Week

OK, last week I dropped Tim & Mag's official first single, Czar went and threw up HERE WE COME, the 1st single off TIM'S BIO, so in continuing that theme here goes the 1st 'street' single off INDECENT PROPOSAL. DROP mighta been the first video, but about a year before the cd dropped, this was pegged as the jumpoff, promo and vinyl were shipped....I cannot believe this song aint take off!

ROLL OUT featured Petey Pablo (before RAISE UP stardom) and Sebastian. Tim - on his verse made his voice sound the way it did way back when on that Jodeci track from '93, and Magoo? He keeps it Magoo.

This is a classic to me, I like how it sounded different too. Everynow and then Tim will be doin a 'signature' sound (like MY LOVE/ICE BOX/ANONYMOUS/SEXYBACK/WAY I ARE), and just when you expectin something else along those lines, BAM!...comes that left hook right outta nowhere. ROLL OUT was just that typa track.

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