Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Welcome to the "new" Chronicles

What's up ya'll, it's Boogie here. So we've moved up in this world and are now officially a .com so please make sure to bookmark the new URL. Not too much has changed except for the color scheme. If you ever need to go back and look through the "old" Chronicles site for any info there is a link in the right panel called "The Thomas Crown Chronicles Archives" which will take you back for any good info you missed.

There is also a google seach option on this site (which I hope works) that will make finding the particular information you're looking for easier. I am always open to any ideas, suggestions, or comments any of you have so please feel free to contact me anytime.

The Chronicles team has expanded to Czar, Roderick, Nick, Big A, and myself and we all are going to do our very best to bring you the most accurate, interesting, and up to date info and music on Timbo. Thanks to all of you these last 6 months for making this site a success and sending in links, tracks, and all Timbo info inbetween.

On with the show!


  1. Gud to b hurr babay... Got ur bac homz....

  2. Keep up the great work!

  3. Very cool, now an RSS feed would be nice hehe


  4. good job, thank you all for this great page.


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