Monday, April 30, 2007

Heather Hunter & Timbaland? - One More Mystery Solved

It's Big A here. Many of you who come here everyday probably don't know that Timbaland recorded with a world famous (ex-)porn star turned rappa, Heather Hunter.

I am talking about a leaked song labeled "Tasty ft. Bubba Sparxxx" (also known as "Would You Like ft. Bubba Sparxxx"). Many people have discussed whether this is Timbaland solo on the beat, Scott Storch solo or both together. To me it definitely had the Scott Storch feeling. Boogie and I also discussed it this weekend and neither of us was really sure.

So I had to hit up HH (nah, not on myspace or whatever...on her private contact fellas *shows off*) to clear things up for all the credit junkies: In fact this is a Bubba Sparxxx song and not a Double-H song. The correct name is "Tasty" and it's produced by both, Scott Storch & Timbaland. It was suppose to be on Bubba's Deliverance album, but didn't make the cut. Here we go (again)...

(on a side note: she worked with Scott Storch on her last album "The Unexpected", track is called "Don't Stop")

Bubba Sparxxx - Tasty (feat. Heather Hunter)

Boogie says: If ya'll remember way back in November we took a look at the Storch & Tim relationship, and I posted that the "Tasty" track was indeed a solo Storch track but as you can see I was wrong. It's good to have great people on your team. Thanks Big A!


  1. give Tim his credit for "Lean Back" Scottie!

  2. the song is on the "deliverance" advance!


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