Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Shock Value" 2nd week sales in US

short and concise: 58,314 units of "Shock Value" sold in its second week and still on #5. That is a sales drop of -58% compared to the first week. 196,839 total.

Digital Downloads: 180,648 downloads this week with "Give It To Me". Means another week on #1.


  1. "Give It To Me" is also the number 1 selling single in the UK!

  2. so, which follow-up single would give the album sales a nice kick in the crizzotch?

  3. The Way I Are would be that single. Release and Apologize both charted last week, though. And both would be hit singles.

  4. Either Way I are, or One and Only with fallout boy will push some nice sales.

    Id actually go with the Fallout boy track cause it would get spins on pop, rock and even adult radio stations.

    Adults buy alot of cd's, more then teens.

  5. One & Only would be a confusing single because Fallout Boy just released an album of their own. Most people would probably assume it was their song.

    Apologize would be a bigger hit all around - especially on adult stations. Considering it's already charted without being a single, they'd be smarter to go with that as the "rock" single - rather than One & Only or (esp) Put It On Me. The only issue is what OneRepublic thinks, considering the original version is on their upcoming CD and they'd probably want to release that version as a single themselves without having to compete with Timbaland's CD.

    The Way I Are is the all-around solid choice.

  6. thinking about future singles -- what about "Release?" too "SexyBack"-ish? or "Bounce" -- too WTF? i like it but it seems like one of those love/hate songs.

    i could see "Scream" bein' the pop single off the album later on, maybe.



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