Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Timstrumental of the Week

It's Timstrumental time. Seein' as how everybody is crazy excited bout that new Tim remix w/ Jigga on it, thought it'd be fitting to feature some Jay-Z/Timbo collabs. And seein' as how I'm postin this late...again...I'ma do a triple feature inspired by Grindhouse.

Arguably the best MC to work w/ Tim on a consistent basis, Jay-Z is the guy that gives Timbaland beats that 'extra' factor that guys like Pastor Troy and uhh Baby (of Cash Money) unfortunately can't. It's a lotta Tim tracks where everybody gets to say "...but at least the beat is tight." Not so w/ Mr. Carter, the dude got a ear for beats and when Timbo makes him a track, he always brings his A-game.

This week I chose 3 Jigga tracks. Jigga What Jigga Who, off 1998's HARD KNOCK LIFE, the first Timbo produced single Jay put out. A classic hard hittin Timbo track.
Next is my favorite beat that Tim did for Jay. Hey Papi, words can't describe how much I love this joint, it was my soundtrack to summer 2000. And the end when Timmy just lets the beat ride?! Or when the strings from Can We turn up?!

Last but definitely not least is Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Jay's last Timmy produced single to date. Can't believe four years have passed since the song was featured on THE BLACK ALBUM. Love this track too. It's also amazin' to see how Timbaland evolves musically yet retains that signature Timbo style.

Jay-Z//JIGGA WHAT timstrumental
Jay-Z//HEY PAPI timstrumental
Jay-Z//DIRT OFF YOUR SHOULDER timstrumental


  1. thanks for the instrumentals!!!
    have you the instrumental of
    Dont know waht to tell from aaliyah???
    I cant find this instrumental....

  2. Awesome, thanks man...i think I love all of Tim and Jay's stuff - especially Snoopy Track...

  3. can someone post the actual sample from "the way i are" i keep hearing its an old house track from the 90s or something. you guys are very resourceful in posting up instrumentals and samples. just wondering if anyone had any info on this.

  4. to my knowledge, "What They Gonna Do" and "2 Many Hoes" are the only shitty Jay/Tim collabos. everything else is fiiiiyah.



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