Sunday, April 22, 2007

Timbo shoots video for "Throw It On Me"

Check it:

****Six of the Sexiest Women on Television are the sexiest women to hit Timbaland’s latest music video. Ashley, Torrie, Maryse, Brooke, Layla and Kelly Kelly filmed the “Throw it on Me” video with Timbaland and The Hives at Universal Studios yesterday.

The Divas danced, had a fashion photo shoot and got in the ring for the “Timb City” theme video. What exactly is Timb City? Well, WWE fans, you’ll have to wait for the exclusive world premiere of the “Throw it on Me” video May 21 on Raw.

The reason I asked the Divas to be in my video was because I didn’t want the typical casting for this. I wanted women who mean something,” Timbaland told “The Divas have a fan base of their own. They’re all stars. Each in their own way, they all mean something.”****

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Now apparently a video for "The Way I Are" will also be shot sometime soon, however, this is not confirmed. There has been confirmation that "The Way I Are" will be a single I guess it just won't be the 2nd one.


  1. Terrible choice for a single! Boo!

    Go The Way I Are!!

  2. Man, i hope ur right about that video for "The Way i Are", coz timbaland iz reachin only the wrestling fans with that video. Evenn the track sounds like a wrestlers theme tune. I really really really hope he releases two videos


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