Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Timstrumental of the Week

What up?! BossPlayya aka the Procrastinator checkin in a day late...
So we all know who Tim's rollin with nowadays right? Keri, Justin, Nelly, Danja & D.O.E. Rewind almost a decade and it was a whole 'nother set of Superfriendz. So far we've covered Missy, Tim (Wonder Twins) & Mag (Green Lantern), Ginuwine (Flash Gordon) and Aaliyah (Wonder Woman). That leaves Ice Man, Wolverine and Aqua Man...Static, Black and Smokey..PLAYA!

Playa's debut album didnt drop til 98 cause that's when the CHEERS 2 U single was really hittin, but fans had been fiendin for them since the criminally slept on debut single DON'T STOP THE MUSIC. Anyone remember the Darren Grant video? This remains a classic in my book and it bumps HARD in the ride....
Playa//DON'T STOP THE MUSIC timstrumental


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