Monday, April 16, 2007

Unreleased Keri Hilson & Tim

Take a look:

SICK track! Thanks to Timbalandchick for the link and of course the man Byrd for the video.


  1. props on the video

    the keri wilson song sounds tight

    i want to hear the finished beat they was workin on at the end

  2. DAMN!!! hopefully that keri song WILL be on her album!!! BUT TIM WIT A KAZOO!???!?! cmon...

  3. Did Tim use some of these sounds for the Give it to Me remix now on Sebastian's Myspace page (go listen to it now, sick)? J-Boogie was asking for some Shock Value remixes and Tim served up the first one with style. Whose going to upload this track so I can bump it in my car? Please?

  4. Om#MG, why wuzn't dat track in the album, the way i r could hve bin the 3rd best track, give it to me 2nd and dat one 1st. Attitude looks better in person than some pictures & some audio sample. I hp someone convinces TiMBO to make a Part II of Shock Value, coz we (MMG) needz SALES TO GROw

  5. hot, hot, and hotter...the songs that is. i hate it when the vids cut off at the point where the beat is about to drop. i was dying to hear the drums on that kazooo track.

  6. Not crazy over it at first listen, but I can tell I definitely like it better than a lot (or most) of the tracks on "Shock Value."

  7. lol at him playing kazoo...
    Is that piano sample from silent hill?? It would be crazy if he used that in something one day...
    anyway, dope video and pretty cool track...
    props guys

  8. Whoa ! Whats the name of the track ? I luuv it !!


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