Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Do you know what today is?

It's Shock Value day, did everyone go out like good fans and buy a copy? I did and have been listening to it non stop. I have to say it's a grower. At first I was like "naa I ain't feelin' it" but now as the hours go by, I'm starting to like it.

How about for everyone else, do you like it? I know there was a leak awhile ago but has your opinion about it changed at all? I'm really diggin' "Bombay" and "Miscommunication" I'm really happy to see Hannon's name on a co-production as well but we'll go into the liner notes on another post.

Hope ya'll copped the album to give our man Timbo support. The Chronicles team (myself included) will be giving their reviews shortly so stay tuned. In the meantime look for a small change tomorrow here on The Chronicles....

Happy Shock Value Day! :D

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