Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rare Reel

Starting something new, hope you all like it. If you find anything shoot me an e-mail.

Aaliyah, Tim, Magoo, Playa, Danja Mowf, and I think that is Bill Pettaway on the guitar.


  1. damn i miss baby gurl =[ ::tear::
    man everything would be totally different if she were still alive
    tim, missy, ginuwine, magoo all them would still be really close ya know =[
    loved the vid

  2. o no that's Warryn Campbell aka "Baby Dubb" on the guitar and that's also Nisan on the drums. Nisan is also a producer and does alot of drum stuff for timmy like Bustas recent Get Down joint.

  3. HOT! aaliyah did her thing. i wonder why she never sang that strong on her uptempo records. playa kinda messed up the performance by over singing. other than that, RIP baby girl. you are missed!

  4. omg all this energy seriously this is crazy i dont know howd you find this but this is insane

  5. *Sighs*, Now i see clealy hw TiMBO misses Lilly. I mean, look @ all that energy he was throwing off on the stage with his crew, it aint even no where compared to the one on the "Give It To Me-Video", RnB', Rap, etc could have bin different if lilly was still wiv us collabin wid various artists, bigin' up the TiMBO game way better than now.... Lilly, we'z miss u vrry much, R.I.P

  6. Yeah Nisan also did a lot of work on the Loose album too.

  7. Bastion good look with Nisan, I am very familiar with him and glad to see him in the vid.

    Thank you!

  8. Does anybody know what song it is?


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