Thursday, April 5, 2007

You voted, Interscope listened

I turned in your votes for Timbaland's next single to Interscope and due to the overwhelming respone to "The Way I Are" it is being strongly considered for the 2nd single despite Timbaland's announcement on WWE that "Throw It On Me" would be #2. Just when you thought your votes didn't matter or that no one pays attention to these "polls" here's proof that the labels are listening.

This would be great exposure for both D.O.E and Keri Hilson and would definitely introduce the world to more of what the Mosley Music Group has to offer. So continue getting your voice out there. Call in to your local radio stations and request it, hit up DJs to start playing it, and let's make this the 2nd single.

Also keep hitting up Timbaland's myspace D.O.E's myspace and Keri Hilson's myspace and let them know how you want "The Way I Are" as the 2nd single.

Thank you all for your votes and let's hope we hear "The Way I Are" on the radio real soon!


  1. i wonder if "Bounce" would be big? i like it a lot, but it seems like one of those love/hate beats.

    "Release" and "Scream" are def. single material too though, and maybe "Come and Get Me" for the rap market.

  2. Keep up The Way I Are fight! Throw It On Me is not good as a single!

  3. @Juan : Throw It On Me is not good period.

  4. I seriously hope they remix "The Way I Are" before releasing it to radio. The radio compressors are going to make it sound twice as smashed.


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