Monday, April 9, 2007

Where are they now: Yaushameen Michael

I was doing a little research over the weekend and happened to stumble across someone who I had always wondered about, Yaushameen Michael. For those of you who forget, Yaushameeen was featured on the song "Put Em On" off Tim's Bio and she straight KILLED IT on that track.

She was also a member of the group Southernaire All Stars who released the track "I Believe" produced by Timbland. The Southernaire All Star consisted of Yaushameen,
Native, and J Bird. There album never was released but was to be executive produced by Static (of Playa and Jomo and Barry Hankerson.

As I was checking out her myspace and noticed the track we all know "I Believe" produced by Timbaland. Then there's the next track "World Is Mine" which has Static and Smokey singing background, but the track that really caught by attetion was the 3rd track called "Girlfriends" with none other than Aaliyah!!! Yes folks here's a never heard track from baby girl with Yaushameen killin' the mic. Sounds like Timbo but it's actually produced by a cat named 12.

Add Yahsameen as a friend and show her some love. Not only is she mad talented and been in the game for a long time, but she's real cool and down to earth. She's currently working on a lot of new material so keep your eye out for her coming real soon.

Yaushameen thank you for everything!


  1. Wow that Aaliyah joint is hott.....

  2. Yeah yeah!! great song!!

    luvin it

    thx J!!!


  3. thanks for the info! love I Believe and Girlfriends!

  4. aaliyah's voice is so beautiful. nice to hear her singing something "new".

  5. I checked out her page and she is a hidden talent about to blossom for this a new season!


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