Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Celine & Colplay + Timbaland a rumor?

We reported here on The Chronicles about news of a possible Timbaland & Celine Dion collabo and Timbaland & Coldplay collabo. New articles released recently about both their new albums seem to suggest that that's all it was: a possibility.

As far as Celine Dion there was even rumors that Tim gave his "Eyes On Me" track for Samantha Jade to Dion instead but that simply isn't the case. Billboard just released an article on Dion's new album:

****As the process of recording her first major studio release in four years reaches its climax, Celine Dion is already calling the upcoming "Taking Chances" her favorite English-language album. Due Nov. 13 via Columbia, the set is led by its title track, which is headed to radio imminently. The track was written by Kara DioGuardi and Eurythmics' Dave Stewart, and produced by John Shanks.

The new album certainly represents a sonic step forward for Dion, who must be eager to search out a fresh direction after singing mostly the same songs for the past four years during her sold-out "A New Day" show at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Other collaborators on the disc include ex-Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody, Kristian Lundin, Anders Bagge, Peer Astrom, Linda Perry, Ne-Yo and Aldo Nova.

Among confirmed tracks are a hard-driving cover of Heart's "Alone"; the Middle Eastern-flavored "Eyes on Me," produced by Lundin; "This Time," a moody percolator written by Moody with David Hodges; the ballad "A Song for You," produced by Bagge; and the blues-drenched "The Woman in Me."****

Coldplay also does not mention working with Timbo let alone having him produce their entire album as previously reported:

"We're still a few months from finishing but already the arguements about tracklisting have begun. The plan has always been to make a short record. No more than 42 minutes. 9 songs (give or take)......It's not simply about individual talents, but overall cohesion and combined effectiveness. The bigger picture. An album that you can listen to from start to finish. The danger of this is that great songs may get left off the album because they don't 'fit'. I have to confess that as a confirmed non-musician, this approach slightly worries me....

If that means eight thrash metal tracks and one ballad then so be it...expect a short, concise record with no fat and at least two top-division songs released independently."

Will Tim be the one behind at least one of those top division tracks? Guess we'll wait and see what transpires.


  1. trash metal?? coldplay? are u serious?

  2. can anybody post the SamanthaJade track: "eyes on me"? the earlier link doesnt have it anymore.. Thanks in forward!


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