Friday, September 21, 2007

Timbaland misses The Hives

As told on MTV, The Hives new project The Black and White Album hits stores November 13th. Instead of sticking with the typical rock and roll formula, they decided to branch out and use various producers to bring a new sound to the album. 7 producers in 8 studios for over 30 tracks to be exact. While most of the final tracks ended up being produced by The Hives themselves and Dennis Herring of Elvis Costello fame, they did manage to snag a few top notch names including Pharrell Williams and Timbaland.

Pharrell produced 2 tracks "T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S" and "Well All Right!" that made the album. "Working with Pharrell was his idea; we'd met him in 2004, and it was kind of too interesting not to do it. He doesn't really record rock bands that much, but that's what interested us in working with him. He's obviously a very talented guy who doesn't have all the same baggage rock producers bring with them into the studio. Working with him was way more spontaneous and more fun, I guess, because we didn't know what we were doing. It was fun for us to shoot from the hip."

The Hives also got some studio time with Timbaland but unfortunately due to time constraints, the tracks did not make the album. The uncompleted tracks may turn into B Sides (let's hope) or may be held onto for their next album though the band usually "likes to clean out the cupboards before we start working on our next album."

I really hope these tracks do turn up. I have heard that the likes of Candice Nelson and others have laid down vocals for the tracks which peaks my interest even more.


  1. i LOVED throw it on me and i hope they continue to collaborate

  2. Tim would have more time on his hands if he stopped sucking Justin Timberlake's dick every day and night. It's a shame he didn't get to cut tracks with The Hives though. "Throw it on me" wasn't brilliant, but it grew on me and continues to. I am REALLY interested in hearing the Pharrell produces tracks, though it's a shame Chad wasn't involved. Pharrell is no stranger to rock, so his working with The Hives doesn't seem all that odd.

  3. ahahahahahahahah




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