Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A minute with Keri Hilson

60 Seconds with Keri Hilson

Nothing but Tim and Polow? Sounds great! I know The Clutch family will be lending a hand to the project. Label mate D.O.E may also make an appearance.


  1. God I love Keri she is just so sexy, attractive, talented and intelligent. Can't wait for her album to drop, I hope everyone brought heat and the tracks floating around the internet are just teasers. (they're not amazing quality for album tracks)

  2. @luke: does this mean the album leaked allready (in bad quality)??? Cause if it is so, I'm wonderin why the chronicles didnt post any of these Tim produced tracks of her..!

  3. nothin leaked, calm down

  4. Woudn't it be strange to have only Tim & Polow if the title track is a Cornerboyz [shudder] track?


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