Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Timbaland and Danja changing pop?

Here is an article from Vibe Magazine back in July that I was finally able to track down for everyone. It is a really interesting read, talking about the changes in pop music being made with Timbaland and Danja leading the way.

****Rap album sales are down, charismatic new MCs are few and far between, but is hip hop dying? Or is it merely hiding out in the biggest pop hits of the year?

A funny thing happened September 12, 2006: Pop officially went hip hop. That week, according to Billboard's Hot 100 chart, which tracks the 100 most-played, best-selling songs in the county, Justin Timberlake's colossal hit "Sexyback" was at No. 1 for the third straight week barely nudging out Fergie's "London Bridge," which landed at No. 2. The pussycat Dolls "Buttons" ascended to No. 3, right above No. 4, Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy." Nelly Furtado's 'Promiscuous" in its 18th week on the chart, rounded out the top 10. That same week, Timberlake's "My Love" a future No. 1, made its debut at No. 89. A week later, Furtado's "Maneater" would join the race. What these songs have in common, along...

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So what do you all think, is/has Timbaland and Danja helped changed the sound of pop music?


  1. Not really, the mosst they're doing is contributing to it. R&B and Hip Hop have been pop for years now. I'd say if anyone it would be Tim & Missy back in the day with Aaliyah, Ginuwine etc because that's when R&B/Hip Hop was just starting to crossover to mainstream charts in a big way. I think these writers are a bit late on music trends don't ya think?!

  2. Danja's definitely changing the sound... can't say much for Timbo, though, since he's been around too long to judge.

  3. i just don't understand where people get the phrase 'i see danjahandz doing great' and people forget timbo. Timbo has tought danja exactly how timbo makes a beat. the whole 'undertone' to the kicks etc...

    Timbo might not have changed pop at the moment, but the whole hiphop, pop thing...even if it was back then.. it was still timbo.

  4. They both definitly changed it..!!

  5. Tim and danja have but tim has been doing it longer.

  6. I say: Danja on the synths + Timbo on the beats= unstoppable team!! And you people should stop hatin on each one of them, aren't they(especially Tim)the reason why we are on this site?!

  7. thank you.

    tim is the man!

  8. "I say: Danja on the synths + Timbo on the beats= unstoppable"

    timbo on the beats?

  9. They both each other but danja would be no where without tim in life or beat wise

  10. I'll agree with you; sure, Danja was GARBAGE in 2004, and Tim probably did teach him a lot. What I meant was, Danja's the one they're asking to produce on everyone's CD at the moment. Tim, too, but you have to look at what's happening. Tim's contracting The Royal Court to make beats that will ultimately be labeled "Produced By Timbaland", and if you think about it, King's style isn't really branching off from Tim's tutilage the way Danja's is. You can talk about undertones, but Timbaland's the one who totally forgot them in Duran Duran's "Skin Divers"... that song's so flat, and could only be made better by the addition of undertones.

    And did I mention that Tim doesn't know how (or "when," more appropriately) to promote talent or records for his label? "Apologize" is JUST becoming a single? Keri Hilson's first single ISN'T OUT YET? Not to mention D.O.E. and Sebastian. And, I highly doubt that any of Nelly Furtado's important affairs were left up to him.


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