Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Timbaland Sued Over "Big Pimpin" Melody

****Another song produced by superstar rapper Timbaland is in question, as rap star Jay-Z and the producer have been hit with a lawsuit over the single "Big Pimpin."

Copyright co-owner Osama Admed Fahmy filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Federal Court, claiming that Timbaland illegally replayed portions of "Big Pimpin" note-for-note, using a melody lifted from the song "Khosara, Khosara" which was written by composer Baligh Hamdi and performed by Egyptian star Abdel-Halim Hafez in 1957.

"Big Pimpin," which is taken from Jay-Z's hit album Vol. 3... Life and Times of S. Carter also features Texas rap legends UGK and hit #1 in 1999.

Jay-Z, Timbaland, Linkin Park, EMI Music Inc. are among the defendants named in the lawsuit over the hit single, which was also mashed up on Linkin Park's song "Papercut" on the EP Collision Course.

On August 3, 2007, a similar lawsuit was dismissed in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, when EMI won a summary judgment in the case.

Plaintiff Ahab Joseph Nafal also sued Jay-Z, Timbaland Productions, Linkin Park, EMI Music Inc., EMI Music Publishing, Ltd. and EMI Blackwood Music, claiming that the artists infringed on the copyright to "Khosara, Khosara."

Lawyers argued that "Khosara, "Khosara" was created in 1957 and was governed by the 1909 Copyright Act and not the 1976 Copyright Act.

The lawsuit was subsequently dismissed because Nafal failed to join all individuals with rights to the composition in the lawsuit, as the 1909 Act mandates.

Other copyright owners of "Khosara, Khosara" include Magdi El-Amroussi, owner of the legendary Soutelphan (Voice of the Artist) record label, which launched in 1961 and ironically, operates as a unit of EMI Arabia.

The original lawsuit was filed in April of 2005.****


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  1. man...if this is how its gonna to be then half of Tim's catalogue is gonna be up for lawsuit soon...especially that 2000-2003 shit....

  2. Wow this is the 2nd time Tim's been sued over this sample. It looks like they want their money and then some.

    Also Tim didn't sample the flute part rather he had it replayed. Not sure what difference that makes when it comes to copyright laws. If this lawsuit is happening I guess it does

  3. It was only a matter of time before Tim's arrogance and his sense of invincibility caught up with him...

  4. "J Boogie said...

    Also Tim didn't sample the flute part rather he had it replayed."

    LOL, Tim didn't have the sample replay he just sampled a different cover of Khosara khosara. Another artist cover the same song. Who ever told you Tim replays samples is a BOLD face liar.

  5. Can som1 plz post the "Khosara, Khosara" tracc for us who hasn't hurrd it b4 cud hear it again? Thank u!

  6. ^^^It's right there at the end of the post my friend :)

  7. "It was only a matter of time before Tim's arrogance and his sense of invincibility caught up with him..."

    Exactly. As much as I'm a fan of Tim, I definitely don't support him sampling w/out permission. It's just ridiculous.

  8. if it was cleared y dey bringin it up again. imo ppl are jus makin an excuse to get his money, they see hes doin well and der tryna get a slice of da action

  9. Yea he didn't have the flute replayed, he just sampled a more modernised version of "khosara khosara"...the sample can be heard on czar samplemix 6 or 7..1 of those

  10. ^^^ SORRY my bad, it's on czars samplemix volume 2 at 10:20 seconds, where the version of khosora timbo sampled is played

  11. link to the khosara khosara version that timbo sampled



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