Monday, September 3, 2007

"Cop That Shit" Sample?

Since Big-A's been posting his sample theories, Ima post mine. This track was made in the 80s, and I'm not gonna say the name lest Tim get 500 more lawsuits on his ass. Sounds familiar though, you decide...

Sound familiar?


  1. nah i dnt think it sounds lyk it. reminds me mor of clockstrikes remix wid da pork and beans part

  2. that bassline is EXACT...i only wonder if it's just a coincident or not.

  3. that's possible since that band is from D.C so he could've heard b/c of it's proximity to V.A. But, I think it's a little bit of a stretch.

  4. Excellent find Nick! Yes I would say this is the sample except for the drums. Since Tim interpolated this track for the "Clock Strikes" Remix I'm sure he used it again. I wonder what Czar has to say.

    It's as though you read my mind Nick, because I have a new series I'm starting of the same sample used by Tim and other producers and one of them is the drums in "Cop That Disc."

    Thanks for setting me up!

  5. this song is mad famous. Junkyard Band - Sardines & Prok & Beans.
    Im puttin the title out there cos i really DONT think this track was sampled for 'Cop That Shit'. The instrument sounds are not similar at all

  6. not sampled, but interpolated, i think. boog, remember tim said in the baka boys interview that he recorded trash cans and shit and then played em on a tape for that grimey feel in "cop that shit"?

    and yeah i love this song, always in rotation in dc.

  7. yeah Nick I remember that Baka Boys interview where Tim said that. Funny thing is those exact drums are used by a different producer and I highly doubt they sampled Tim.

    That info is coming soon I promise :)

  8. was it 95 or 96??? when Tim and Magoo dropped "SARDINES HEY! WITH PORK AND BEANS DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS???"


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