Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Lox to work with Timbaland

Check out this interview with Sheek Louch of The Lox:

****Drama aside, it’s hard to believe its been seven years since the last LOX album. What’s the status of the long-awaited reunion LP, Live, Suffer and Celebrate?
The next LOX album…ain’t nothing in ink yet, but as far as the lawyers, they’re trying to deal with Def Jam as we speak. A lot of people think the deal is done, but it ain’t done yet. It’s getting closer.

How long have you been at the roundtable with Def Jam?
Like seven or eight months. Before it was all talk that they wanted us. [Jay-Z] was like, “If I get these boys over here, it would be game over.” So Hov was trying to make that whole shit happen, as far as meeting with Ruff Ryders and Jimmy Iovine [to] try [and] smooth shit out as far as us and Interscope. Then [Def Jam] came with the offers and we sent it back. Then it was to the point of like, alright, we cool with that offer, now let’s work it out.

Realistically, when is the deal going to be finalized?
The LOX album will come [out] early next year, realistically. We got 15 [to] 20 songs already done.

Full Interview

It'll be the first released Timbaland production for The Lox. We know the story of the "Ride Or Die Chick" by now right? If not take a look back and you'll find it. Good find Big A!


  1. Im so sick of Brian Kidd did Ryde or Die Chick he may have co-produced it not the whole thing.

  2. What if you were wrong and Kidd really did produce all of it? What if Kidd was a bigger influence on Tim than Tim on Kidd? *gasp*

  3. I know what if? I had this talk in future producers it went on for awhile thats why i come here because y'all just dont settle til you find the truth. To me personally these are the questions people should ask Tim in interviews.

  4. yo has anyone ever seen this dude brian kidd before... he's like a mystery too me.. i thought it was like a alias tim would go by... hes dope too just sumthings missin from his tracks all the time...and i think he did have a influence on tim...because after tim work wit this dude his whole style changed and he stop usin those ginuwine and aaliyah kicks and snares..

  5. boo. who gives a shit 'bout the LOX right now?

    i'm waitin' on that Scratch issue to see why Timbo's averse to workin' with Hov right now. that's where he brings his A-game. well, except for "What They Gonna Do" and "2 Many Hoes"

  6. Man, for people who are supposed advocates of tim you tend to take more credit than give. Brian Kidd's cool but Tim was hot way before he came in the picture.

  7. BK is definitely real. Here's his myspace:

    As well as past posts from The Chronicles about him:

    More coming from him real soon!

  8. if that Kidd beat on Rich Boy's "Get to Poppin'" is any indication he sounds like a budget Timbo. that song's like a mediocre knockoff of some of Tim's Eastern-sounding tracks.

    i ain't heard "Ryde or Die Bitch" though, so i may be slightly ign'ant 'bout dude.

  9. BK is coo but one of the many that were influenced by timbo tha king.

  10. thanks for postin that boogie...but im still a lil confused why hasnt brian kidd said anything about tim using the same samples as he does like jackin the whole ish lol...or people thinkin the tracks he made are timbo...i know there friends but damn i wouldnt like sumone postin songs saying " produced by timbaland" and its not.... those checks must be lovely not too complain lol


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