Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rare Reels

We haven't done one of these in awhile:

I wonder if Tim still has that bus? 1 guess what track Nore and Timbaland are talking about.


  1. u can really see the diffrence in tim from then to know u can tell he is really happy now with himself as a person he was reallt dull in that clip

  2. Man, did you see him? He was barely able to move himself around in that bus. He really has come a long way since then.

    I saw this once on Channel U before, and I was thinking the exact same thing. 2003, that was the year Tim went through a real creative low. His quiet year. I'm glad everyone can see now that he truly is the king.

  3. its crazy ya'll say dat...The beats Tim did for NORE (For A Minute and Get down) are smashing on everything he's doing now

  4. I nu dat cat(Timmy) made mor than one tracc fo NOREGA. Am sure y'll wud remember vividly the tracc he did wiv NINA Sky, Daddy Yankee & Big Nado i think, @ d end whurr he(NORE) was sayin' "Wiv Timbaland dis tym"... Well its a nyc post J, kip up tha gud work!


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